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A little worried

Saw a whole load of family and friends this weekend, which was ace. I also met a few of the regulars from Karl's pub, who were all ok- to nice- goth/metal types. longpig, Karl sends his love ;)

Speaking of longpig, we had a really nice time hanging out in our new Sunday timeslot. We were both shattered, but not in the stressed-out, long day at work kind of way, so it was easier to just talk than it had been on Mondays. We enjoyed last week's battlestar very much, and carried on reading to each other from some of our favourite books - she's reading me Trixie Belden, which is pretty funny to read as an adult, and I'm reading her Hells Angels.

People have been asking me if having a relationship this long-distance is hard, and of course it is. It's only gotten harder as it's gone on, as well. We're both really anxious for a time when we can find a place to live together, and while we still don't know when that will be, it's starting to look sooner.

Traveling this weekend completely sorted out my gut. I have no idea how, but it's happened before - apparently, this stress-based disease fixes itself if I undergo a day of high-stress travel. But only if it's been going a while, and sometimes not when heading to Aber. It's all just weird.

However, this morning, I could just feel it at the edges again. I had my appointment - the doctor said that until he has a chance to look through my paperwork better (it arrived during the appointment) and unless there was anything interesting in my bloods, he didn't see any reason not to assume it was IBS, and start on normal "treatment" for that.

In that spirit, I've made further appointments for a blood test in two weeks (to check what my blood normally looks like - apparently I haven't had one when well for a long time!) and to see a dietitian about what I can do to lessen the effect from attacks, in May. I'm sure he could find a private dietitian I could see sooner, but he seemed determined that I should see the one that occasionally does sessions at the surgery. All in all a bit of a non-event.

So, back to work, and I can definitely feel pain again. I'm starting to wonder if the only way to beat this is to stay constantly either moving or uncomfortable.

I really wanted to go to the gym today, so I'm going to cycle down there and see what I can manage :/
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