Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch


Film cat says meh, kittlings. Meh, with a taste of enjoyable.

Anacondas is one of those special films, on the border between bad action and completely uninteresting action. It's no Killer Buzz, and it's no Ghost Ship - it cruises gently down the mediocre middle.

Regular readers will know that mediocre is the Film Cat's least favoured flavour of movie - there's no way to enjoy a mediocre film. However, in it's serene, mediocre journey, Anacondas briefly skirts through some white water of terrible and genius - it infringes on the territory of both the aforementioned films, making it vaguely enjoyable.

Sadly, without committing itself wholly to either the dark or the light path, it is stuck firmly in grey. The Cat won't ask for his two hours back, but neither would he watch it as a way to pass an evening alone again.

He'd probably inflict it on others, though.
Tags: film cat, media
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