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Day of progress

So, a lot happened today! I woke up half an hour late for work, which means I slept through my alarm. By the time I'd phoned work to explain, I realised that I was probably ill enough that I shouldn't go in anyway. However, having just phoned to say I'd be in soon, I couldn't be arsed to call in sick, so I went anyway.

Work was fine and all, watched a giant robot anime that would have been ace, if they hadn't dropped in gratuitous, not so subtle sex-metaphor naked transformation sequences ("It feels so good" was bad, but "I'm coming" really wasn't necessary). I got a fair bit done, too.

After work, I went to look at a room in a house in Kings Hedges, about 5 minutes cycle from work. The rent is reasonable, the contract is six months, the room is a good size (twice the size of this one, with a small double bed) - and everything else I want, including a decent, easily upgradeable internet connection and a gas hob. So I agreed to take it :V

Feeling a bit crappy again now - time for food, and Anacondas! Why would they send me the sequel before the original movie? Oh well.
Tags: health, life, media
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