Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

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Filmus interruptus

My movie-watching plans last night were curtailed by the fact that the copy-protection on the disc won't allow it to play while my video card thinks it's plugged into a TV. That might just be PowerDVD - I didn't experiment with other software yet. However, it's not a big problem - I just need to wait for my DVI-I cable to arrive, so that my computer treats the projector as a monitor. With any luck that'll arrive by the weekend, and we can watch Pom Poko in 1080i.

In my non-projector-based life, I'm hoping that by the weekend my lungs will be well enough to start going back to the gym full-time. Also, our bathroom is finally finished, so I can shower at home again! I've been having to rely on the showers at work and the gym.
Tags: fitness, geekery, media
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