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Gymmy gym gym

Bicycle crunches are awesome!

I sleep better after using the gym - my body actually thinks it needs the sleep, for a change, and I feel mentally (although not physically) rested and am productive the next day.

The hard drive on my iRiver crashed - eventually I'll see if I can get it working again. I haven't lost any music, but it's weird not having it for travelling! I'm listening to CDs at work.

I went to Aber this weekend, which was awesome - it was great not having any plans, and having the time to just kick back, play the Crackdown demo and Gears of War with space_gargoyle, watch ThunderCats with Sandra et al. Michelle liked her present, I think, John and Anne-Marie are married, with a second kid on the way, and Gem's baby doesn't look much like Winston Churchill, making it one of the least ugly babies I've ever seen ;) I even saw Sith and Penny at the wedding reception - it's been a while, filthy recluses that they are :V

Next stop: London! This weekend there's a Bullard family meeting, about this farm thing. Mostly it's a good excuse to meet some family, and also to kick back in London with Helen.
Tags: fitness, geekery, life
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