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Snow no more

By the time I got out of work yesterday, the snow had all melted except for little trodden-in patches. The weather suggested more between now and the weekend, but all we seem to have today is frost. I hope that in hillier areas of the country enterprising children took the day off from school and used the opportunity to go sledding (I may have indulged when I was younger).

I was pleasantly surprised to find that nobody was especially late or absent for work. It's one of my pet hates that people go super-dumb about travelling whenever there's weather, but I haven't seen it happen in the office I'm in at the moment.

Anyway, a long time ago I promised a holiday update, and I have a small number of spare minutes this morning.

Canada was awesome. You might have guessed by the way I was disappointed to be back.

It's not just that I got to spend basically the entire time with Hazel (although that in itself was ace). Everyone I've met through Hazel in Canada is basically sane (to within my definition of sane, which basically means "has sane opinions") and fun to be around. Almost every store clerk I've spoken too has actually made an effort to help, and most of them have been helpful. People you have to deal with in the street are polite. Toronto especially makes me so relaxed - it's still a city with crime and all, but it's also full of helpful people.

And food... you can basically get anything the hell you want to eat in Toronto.

I spent the first five days buying the last of my gifts for people, and hanging about in TO - there was a cool exhibition at the Ontario Science Museum of "Marvel Superhero Science" which was mostly very basic science (aimed at kids) with a Marvel theme. There were a couple of very new developments which I hadn't expected to be included - the spider-man display had an insert on the Van de Vaals forces used by spiders to stay on surfaces. The best thing for me was a display of large-scale comic-book covers, with notes on the artists and themes in comic-book art.

I spent the most part of my time in New Brunswick - we stayed the first night with Shirley, Hazel's Grandmother. As with everyone else, it was great to see her again - and as with everyone we stayed with, her cooking was a treat!

Brian, Hazel's Dad, gave us a lift to the Miramachi, where we stayed over Christmas. We played a lot of dominoes, there were various games of Crib, and so much cooking and food! I got a whole load of stuff that's useful and/or awesome, and had a very nice family-type Christmas. It finslly snowed on Boxing Day - more than I've ever seen in my life, but really it was only a light fall. I'd love to see it when it's heavy! I also met Krystal - I went to a yarn store with her, Hazel and another of their friends from school. Everyone I know's going knitting-mad!

Staying with Jodie and Matt was probably the most fun part of the holiday. Well, the most fun part that I'm going to write about, anyway. Rob was in town too, and I finally met Terry, Joel, Ceridwen, Bronwen (briefly) and Andre. Much fun was had by all - I played "Shadow of the Colossus" through, and Jodie played a lot of Final Fantasy XII. We watched some great terrible movies, and the best of all was watching Star Trek: The Animated Series.

I met more people, but I can't remember everyone's names. Apologies to those I've not mentioned or whose names I've forgotten - I suck :/

Back in Toronto Hazel got pretty ill for one day, so she stayed home and we watched "The Devil's Backbone" (awesome), "Irreversible" (awful) and "Slither" (ace). We had a really good time until the day I had to leave, when we both got pretty upset about it. We managed to get lunch together in Hazel's break before I had to catch the plane home, at least.

Well, that pretty much brings me up to speed, aside from that I had my 3-month review at work yesterday, which went well. I won't know how well until I get a feedback-type form, with my action plan for the next review.

Tactics tonight :V
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