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Catching up

Ok, so I'm massively behind on my gig updates:

It was fantastic to see Chris and Elly again - last time I saw Chris was at Renewal, and Elly I last saw at the beginning of the year! We hung out, and it was just like old times :)

Moving on 'though, we missed the first band, "Billy no mates" and arrived just in time to catch the start of The Living End's set. Man, those aussies can perform! Who would have thought a double bass was such a versatile performance tool?

The set ended with one of the most iconic scenes I've ever seen at a gig - the bassist down on one knee, double bass propped up on the other knee, with the vocalist/guitarist standing on top of the double bass, tearing out the riff for the song, before taking a huge jump off the bass. Now that's entertainment!

Dropkick Murphies were everything I expected them to be - great fun, musically fantastic, unpleasantly arrogant. Their lead vocalist especially was just a bit of a cock, but mostly they were fantastic, especially the guy whose instrument of choice appeared to be "whatever the fuck we decide is missing from this song"! He was bouncing about and moshing along with a lute, a mandolin, and more - the only time he stopped rocking out was when playing the tin whistle! You got the impression that he'd tried to bounce about with it before, and it just hadn't worked.

Less Than Jake are always good. They have a simple yet varied style to their music which, similar to the Offspring's style, produces fantastic, bouncy, dancable interesting songs consistently. The brass really adds to the experience, lifting each track from a good punk song to something you'll find yourself humming incessantly for weeks. They didn't play all the songs we wanted to hear (me and Chris always want them to do "Nervous in the alley", but they never do) but they did play some scorchers - "Gainesville Rock City", "Look What Happened" and "Shotgun" being the ones that stick in my mind.

The Sunday I spent hanging out with gnahoo and a friend of hers, Sam, which was great fun - we went to visit my friend Simon (another Simon!) at his Odeon in Holloway, which was fantastic - it's such an interesting building. We also played a ton of Mario Kart DS on the tube, and saw "The Prestige", which film cat says is another movie that proved his theory that Christopher Nolan was cursed by voodoo tribesmen to forever make fantastic films. Christian Bale's consistenly fantastic performance can only be attributed to a hormone imbalance.

This week started slow - I caught up on sleep some at the weekend, and as longpig and I both felt ill on Monday we got early nights then, too. Moving on to Wednesday, Versus at the Kambar was good fun - it was great to catch up with sparksoflight, and meet notintheseheels, and their friends Chris and Eddie (who I'm sure are on livejournal too - all of bloody Cambridge is!). The djs and their music were varied, both in genre and quality, but Chris and Mim played an ace set of tracks, in the vein of Republica and the Prodigy.

Spaghetti monster blesses futurepunk, with his noodly appendage - two more enjoyable entirely made up concepts are hard to find these days, and both are enjoying considerable success. Ok, so I haven't really been following the progress of the pastafarians for a while, but if Thursday's gig was anything to go by, futurepunk is here to stay.

Earlier this week, I realised I wouldn't be able to go to this one, because it was on a Thursday somewhere other than Cambridge. However, after encouragement (read: harassment) from jasontheknight and sparksoflight I decided that another few days of sleep dep would be worth it to see some of the people who'd be there. As there was a mix up with my ticket, Jason assured me I'd be able to get in. As it turned out, he was on the door when I arrived, so no problems there!

Xykogen started with the ropeyest (that ought to be a word) intro I've seen in a long while, but warmed up very quickly. The synth and drums really made the band - the synth especially was exceptionally precise. The performance as a whole was good fun.

I couldn't really be fucked with the next band, so instead I chatted to mr_disconnected for a bit - had an entertaining conversation about the band, people, stuff etc, and I realised that he was the guy did an awesome acoustic cover of a song I'm pretty fond of - cheers for that!

History of Guns, while somewhat tuneless, made up for it with vocal power and general intensity. They're better live than most of the recordings I'd heard.

DeathBoy, as always, were a fucking treat to see - they're lovely guys, with ace music and abundance of ability. Scott's vocals were especially good on Thursday, and generally the sound was a little better than a few times I've seen them. The visuals which were poorly projected at Black Celebration were crystal clear at the Purple Turtle, and the setlist ("cheap shot", "hastostop", "black mornings", "smile you fuckers" etc.) was pretty good, too. I still want to hear them do "heatskive" or "Who is Eldrich", but were they to oblige, DeathBoy's free back catalogue is just to big for them to get through all the tracks I'd like to hear!

Having missed any chance of getting a train home (they stop doing trains to Cambridge at 0005 - what's with that?!) Jason was kind enough to put me up on one of his sofas in his shiny, shiny flat - thanks very much for that, mate. I also met gnommi, a friend of Mim's who was also crashing at Jason's.

So all in all, I was very glad I made the effort to go out - not least for the people I got to see and meet.

After all that, I went out to meet the Cambridge GothSoc lot last night, who are also a great bunch of people. I find it a bit weird that I don't seem to have met any arseholes since I moved to Cambridge.

Now I need some more food. Or sleep. Or something!
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