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Gigs continued

Black Celebration!

It was pretty awesome - great big industrial/metal/cyberpunk afternoon!
I went into London early, to get some new shoes (comfy pair of vans) and pick up my standing order from `Gosh!', then headed up to Angel to try and catch `I am Immune', mr_disconnected's band. I made it there a little while before they were due to come on, waved hello to an extremely busy deathboy, and managed to catch lee_chaos to pass on a message. The first time I've met Lee when I (and as I remember, he) wasn't liquored up, it was good to see I was right the first time - he really is a top chappie.

I am immune were musically fantastic, great fun, and like all good opening acts, found their feet a few songs in and started to rock pretty hard. During the set zombiebrick, sparksoflight and jason_knight appeared, and we all did a little catching up, before Jason had to go and get ready for his own set.

DeathBoy were ace - we're told a whole ton of things fucked up, from the sound to the angst in the venue, and everyone was pissed off - you couldn't see it from where I was standing, right at the front. They mostly played from the new CD, proving that "Angel On My Shoulder" and "Black Mornings" (which has always been a fantastic piece of music) are as good live as they are with exquisite production. A good chunk of extra sound (as compared to previous gigs) was provided by lee_chaos, performing extra backing vocals and incredibly tight synthetics, freeing up Scott to add an extra guitar.

Karl introduced me to Ben ELR, who is a considerably nicer bloke than his journal makes him seem! We went out to Angel station to try and meet up with a couple of Karl's friends, but they didn't show, so we headed back to make sure we didn't miss The Chaos Engine - it wouldn't do, don'tchaknow, when they reformed just for one gig! Man, they were good. They came on wearing V masks, with Lee miming along to one of Hugo Weaving's speeches, then launched stone cold straight into "Me and My Army", before ripping through some of their most iconic tracks. The crowd loved Lee, the band were tight and the sound clear, and they played "Purge", the piece that got me listening to the band originally, on special request. Which was awesome for me, because I didn't expect to hear it.

Karl's friends turned up, but the rest of the bands didn't interest us so much - Karl, Miranda and I grabbed some takeout and had a more thorough catch-up, and Karl and I made sure we thanked Scott and Lee for their sets, and we left after a little while longer. Scott just seemed pleased and surprised that people had enjoyed the show, and a little dazed - he looked knackered, to be honest! I didn't get to say `ta' to Jason, but I gather he wasn't too happy with the set anyway, so maybe it's for the best!

There's some photos by karohemd here, including Lee as V.

Now, off to - another gig in London!
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