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While I don't like to use this journal as a dumping ground...

... and I haven't made a real update in ages:-
Why would you hurt so bad, arm? Why would you even do that?!

So anyway, other than some fucker leaving their toothache in my goddamn wrist, all has been pretty good! I have run through the training at my new job, and started on an (albeit pretty simple) real project. I've made some friends around the company, mostly in my own section (websystems) and a nearby one, and the boss is pretty cool, too. I've also also been to Tenerife and stayed at a 5 star resort (work paid - told you the boss was cool!), which was pretty fucking cushy, as I'm sure you can imagine. It was also damn hot, but in a good way, and I had to slack off the A/C overnight, because it actually managed to make my room cold.

It is the anniversary of myself and longpig failing to not get together! Yay double negatives! We're gonna watch some Clint, in western form, to celebrate. I feel a little guilty, as apparently Hazel's sent me something (which is presumably what the post office depot have for me) and I didn't get her anything :/ I also haven't been able to pay her for the headset which was supposed to be a present for her, due to not having anywhere to send the money. I'll sort that out soon ;)

I'd like to thank rosabella, not only for the sweet postcard she sent me, but also because she probably deserves a good chunk of the credit for me and Hazel, as she sent us both messages which made us (well, me, anyway) re-evaluate our feelings. Which certainly wasn't the main reason for the messages, but was the main effect! Check out her awesome journal about her time in Australia, ozrose. Credit also due to longpig (for being awesome), to megasad and gnahoo (for Ebichu) and to longpig's corset for reasons which are especially apparent when she's wearing it :V

What else? Went sailing with Duncan (possibly responsable for current arm death), new hard disk and headset for me, better internets soon... it's all looking pretty good :V Oh, also I'm gonna go get my arm looked at tomorrow, or Monday if the local surgery isn't open.
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