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An update, as noncommittally promised

So, I'm ill again! Boo :(
But I feel better after a meal, and also painkillers help. It could be latent stress because of the moving and new job, or it could be the large amount of spirits I drank at the goonmeet (more on that) or it could be the cup of tea I had made from the tap in London, or the fact that I skipped breakfast and didn't have dinner until after midnight yesterday. Many options!

So, France was ace - I haven't seen Dad, Sue (my stepmum) or Hannah (my half-sister) for about a year. Together with Mark and Eleanor's (two of my cousins) 21st birthday party, that means I've seen most of that side of my family recently. I shall have to see if I can go visit Carrie, Richard and Simon (my step-siblings) some time soon - Carrie and Richard are both parents now, and I haven't seen Simon since he got married!

Dad's business is pretty cool, and involves a lot of lawn-mowing. They've got some livestock now, too - chickens, and both a miniature and a full-size horse, although the full-size one is being lent to them.

Dad was coming back to the UK on Friday anyway, so I got a lift into the country, and a train into London for a goonmeet. I was pretty early (by about 4 hours), so I went to the British Museum and went around a load of the exhibits I usually miss 'cause I tend to go see the Egypt stuff every time. It was pretty awesome - I saw the Sutton Hoo exhibit (which I last saw when it was still hosted in Suffolk), a whole exhibit on money, and one entirely about clocks and watches.

Goonmeet was a lot of fun - we all got to know each other over pints, and then went bowling and arcade-ing, and we had lebanese, then some of us went to a party at an American student goon (Dave)'s place, with music, drinking and beer pong, which was awesome. The rest stayed down the pub and saw free-runners on the tube!

I stayed overnight at Martha's place, which was cool - in theory we don't get to see each other very often, but that makes twice this summer! We spent most of the night showing each other random internet crap.

Then home on Sunday for sleep and packing! Today is for packing, as I move to Cambridge tonight.

P.S. Hazel's pretty awesome - she sent me a cute MS Paint this morning, which is a great way to wake up.
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