Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

Crazyness and insanity!

I have job news:

- There is possibly an opening in a company writing code for robotic lab equipment. How ace is that?!
- Cambridge company apparently want to hire me, but would like me to come in for another trial day tomorrow so they can decide which job I would be best for.
- Agencies apparently love my mashed up Monster.com CV, and all want to get me hired for a cut of my salary.

So, I may even end up with some options. But for now... road trip to Cambridge, anyone?

Who am I kidding? I'll get the train, as always.

So, to clarify, my movements over the next couple of days:
Today: To Cambridge by train
Tomorrow: In Cambridge, then back to MK. Alternatively, stop off in London to see peeps for a couple of days.

I'll try and get to some internets, to let people know where I am tomorrow night ;)
Tags: life
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