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Eat that, Hastur!

Arkham Horror is fantastic, although longpig was somewhat too tired to fully enjoy it, her character actually closed the final gate, sealing Hastur away once more. elanya, xypharan and myself enjoyed it immensely - we might try and fit in another game before Hazel and I head out to New Brunswick (which I'm really looking forward to!)

I don't think there's any way I can get the game back to the UK, although I'll have a go at repacking to fit it. I'm thinking of buying some new clothes while I'm here, too (so cheap!) so there's really no spare room in my luggage. If only it were made of sapient pearwood.

Anyways, something else that's bothering me is whether I actually want to bring it back. I don't think it'd be too hard for me to find some kind of job in this city - not a games programming job, but something that would pay enough. Then I could go back home, sort out what can be chucked out and what needs shipping, and start working here. Moslty, I think it'd be dumb to change my plans so quickly, and I admit that I'm a little scared of getting rejected by all the games companies I've been applying to. However, I really do like it here - it's not London, but it's nice, and the average Torontonian is considerably more likeable (and polite!) than the average Londoner. Also, the chances of me landing a games coding job in London were slim-to-none anyway.
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