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Mm, juicy Canada

It may come as a surprise to some, but the UK does not have those nifty frozen drink carton/can thingies. Not even the iced tea ones. It comes as a huge surprise to me, now that I know they exist.

I mean, why don't we have those?

Well, anyways, I'm having a fantastic time in Toronto - it's been wonderful to be with longpig again, and it's been great to find that I like elanya, xypharan, curtana and forthright as much in person as I do online. There seems to be some pretty cool stuff in Toronto, too, especially the eateries! I've not had a less than excellent meal since I've arrived, thanks to everyone's good cooking and the great restaurants and takeout places.

Film Cat says that the Omen wasn't as bad as he expected, but is a fairly by-the-numbers remake and he'd rather have rewatched the original...

While it may be obvious, I'm unlikely to be able to colour any more everyday adventures comics while I'm away.

It's getting challenging to avoid using capital 'a's.
Tags: film cat, life, media
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