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Wow, had to edit the song title to fit it into the "music" field.

So, an update.

I'm in Milton Keynes, again. I don't think I actually stated that before, but it is truth. I remember when all of this was roundabouts... well, it's still all roundabouts.

I've gotten most of my stuff away, just the last dregs of unsortable junk to try and sort, and end up heaping in one box and dumping it in the attic.

My room is crazy, temperature wise. It gets so cold in the evening, but heats up crazy when I sleep, so I get the whole sleeping acrobatics thing. I should hire judges, so I can see my score when I wake up. Or leave the door open or something.

Computer is up and running, although I still need to purchase a new hard drive to replace Spazzy Mc80gig. It's fairly predictable now, 'though - works fine on boot, degrades slowly and finally just gives up. Give it a couple of hours rest, and it's fine again. It's not like there's anything on there I need in a hurry, just stuff I would hate to lose.

Radio was playing Milkshake this morning, and I sang along: "Oh shit it's bees.mp3 and I'm like, @SPAM bees. Fuck yeah, @SPAM bees, the best thing on the IRC".

Bah. I was going to link Verix's site for the dong, but it's temporarily down.

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