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Rotten Circuits
May 26th, 2006
11:22 am


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Bad start
Still not better, and I'm running out of fruit juice to rehydrate me - I probably shouldn't drink much more of the stuff anyway.

I took some slow-release Tramadol (not the same stuff I'm usually on) and it affected me the same as in hospital - nausea and vomiting periodically, with a temperature to boot. It didn't do much for the pain either - I'm going back to the old stuff next time I need it. I think it's nearly worn off now.

I've got this incessant cough as well, which I've had since I almost got over my cold. It complements the IBS nicely - invoulentarily tensing sore muscles.

Not having heard back about when my presentation was today, or who would be examining it, I emailed Mark to say I could do Tuesday now - which he's now unavailable for. So I'm going to have to hop a train back to Aber on Thursday, to give my presentation. Maybe I can make that on-route to visiting someone - Karl, or Matt and Ruth - but that basically means there's no way I can get to London as well until after I come back from Canada.

So now I'm chillin' as best I can, listening to my Super-Mellow radio station on Pandora, not getting up properly. That'll show... me. ;)

Current Mood: lethargicNearly chilled
Current Music: nick drake - from the morning

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