Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

Life and limping

Ok, so update time
My birthday week was pretty ace - the alt may ball went well, saw a pretty ace punk band named Dragster, who are apparently from Coventry and play London a lot. Then over the weekend I got an important NPC of mine killed (it was fantastic, and a great end to the adventure - should have seen the players' faces).
My dis is handed in, done and dusted. It worked out pretty well - I reckon I could adapt the code to use in an actual game.
However, the final part of the module is to give a presentation, which I can't due to the AUT action. That's fine - it'll wait.
Moved a load of stuff back to MK on Wednesday, with Gems' help. It was actually a fairly amusing day overall, despite basically being in a car for 12 hours. We took a break in Milton Keynes, and found Um Bongo, which Gemma's been looking for, and wandered around the city centre. Gemma wants to go on holiday to Xscape - but just Xscape, none of the rest of the city. They should put in a hotel!
On wednesday I came down with a cold, and it's been getting worse - I moved about so much wednesday night I gave myself whiplash. I've nicked a spare duvet off Lil (I moved mine home) so that I don't move as much. I also have started taking Canadian cold-cure pills - longpig left some behind. I hope they help ;)
It's the ref adventure this weekend, and so I got to be in character for basically the entire guild night. John and Phil did a great job of running the night, all told - we caught ninjas, didn't catch ninjas, fought some pretty bad-ass werewolves, and dealt with a fair few encounters without killing anyone. The also did a good job of pulling me, Lil and humorcide into going adventuring Saturday, and Ben's coming with us. Ivan wanted to take Jup, but he's a bit busy studying. It's probably a good thing, too - what with John NPCing half the adventure and monster reffing the other half. I strained my calf slightly, over the night - possably leaping at nato_chrisjm - sorry about that, mate ;).
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