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Rotten Circuits
April 28th, 2006
07:30 pm


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And the flawed product name of the year award goes to...
The Nintendo Wii

I mean, seriously. They had a strong, evokative name, emphesising the goals of the platform, and they're dropping it for a name making is sound like using it is synonimous with unination? I don't think so.

They haven't even made a wii.nintendo.com - this seems like playing the hype machine to me.

There's an article on the effects and possible reasons at gamespot, which does however contain the suggestion that "revolution" may have been considered too similar to "XBox 360". Wow, I never noticed before how those names are FUCKING IDENTICAL. I mean, they rhyme, right? And really, aren't they just two words for the same thing?

The penny arcade take is great, 'though.


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