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Brain soup

My alarm woke me this morning, so why was my first thought "I wonder how long I've overslept"?


From autobuck: 8 year old steals minivan.

Now what impresses me, is not only how he managed to adjust everything so he could drive, not only that to all appearances he drove fairly well, but that despite the parents admitting the kid plays GTA:SA, the reporter hasn't made anything of it. It's thrown in at the end, a novelty line, a little joke from the Mum.

I find it refreshing.

From sparksoflight,

1. Say something interesting. Go on, I dare you.
I haven't seen a computer game released in about 2 years that feels finished to me. Every one I've bought has been either short, unpolished or blatantly missing something.

Case in point- TES: Oblivion. The stories running through the game are ace. The non-linearity of the plot, also fairly ace. However, there are a fair few places where you can simply fall off the world. Or get stuck behind an indistructible branch or root, with no chance of escape. On top of that, which the speech generation and tendancy to chat to each other of the NPCs is impressive, if you're going to advertise a "radiant AI", you should at least code your NPCs so that they will tend not to jump in front of you while you're swinging a sword that does magical strength damage. And not to run ahead of you attacking ogres when they hired you to protect them...

Anyway, enought of that. Interesting section of the above boils down to "finish your games before you release them".

2. Song that means a lot to you right now?
Wish you were here by Pink Floyd, and Born Frustrated by Rancid.

3. What would you wear to be buried in?
Barbecue sauce, or kidney beans and tomatoes. It's been my intention for a fair while to be consumed on death.

4. If you had to be a fictional character, who?
Overall, I'd go for Peter Parker, but Jack Hawksmoor, the Engineer and Giger's Xenomorph are all candidates.

5. And why?
Because he has the most fun super-power going, and if he ever sat down to objectively consider his life, he'd have it made.

6. Make a wish.
I wish it was two months later, and I got good marks on this semester's modules.

7. Make a promise.
I'm going to be in Toronto in two months.

8. Make a cake.
If only I had the time. Maybe in Toronto.

9. Which dream would you like to have again?
The epic good/evil race to uncover the artifact which will decide the fate of the world one. I've dreamt it from several different characters POVs, overall, and I still don't get to see the ramifications of the various outcomes. I'm starting to suspect I'd like the world evil would create better :/ Failing that, there's a couple of other nightmares (it was a nightmare the first time!) I'd like to revisit.

10. Why do you do memes like this?
Bored, just woke up, more interesting questions than most.

11. If everyone on your friendslist was to reply to this, what would you like them to say?
"I need to rent a room in a flat for a couple of months at £60 a week".

12. Insult someone.
rid1 smells.

13. That wasn’t very nice, was it?
Well, assuming he doesn't smell, no it wasn't. If he does, I could be doing him a favour by pointing it out! But most likely, he doesn't.

14. You go to stay overnight with someone. Your bag falls open on the train. What falls out?
A book or comic book, a Nintendo DS, a sketch pad, some pencils and pens, a notepad with Aberddu plot scrawled in it, some spare clothes, toothpaste, toothbrush et al. Inhalers, and my MP3 player.

15. Glue or Sellotape?
It's really more of an Evo-Stik or Electrical Tape kind of thing. Being as Evo-Stik is glue, and electrical tape is not Sellotape, we'll go with glue.

So - good morning.
Tags: chaff, life
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