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Rotten Circuits
March 8th, 2006
02:27 pm


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Taliesin was out skating...
One half of the origin of the Merlin myth, Taliesin's tale is somewhat more... unusual:

"Just wait," said Elphin, "I haven't finished yet. There might still be something..."
There were no fish. But just as they were about to go, Elphin noticed something caught on a pole of the weir. He waded out and brought it back.
"More bad luck," grumbled the men.
"There may be a treasure inside," Elphin replied as he carefully slit open the greased leather bag he held.
To his very great astonishment, he saw the forehead of a baby, so white and beautiful that it seemed to shine.
"A radiant brow!" he exclaimed. (tal iesin in Welsh.)
"Yes, Taliesin, that will do well enough," said the baby.
Elphin was so surprised he nearly dropped it.


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