Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

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Pancake Day

I think I was supposed to go to somebody's pancake day thing, but I have no idea whose. I've heard of 2 that were on now, and several people asked me if I was going to one later, and I kind of remember somebody asking me to go. However, I don't know whose it was, and I didn't know when it was supposed to be, so I ended up just getting fed pancakes by Michelle. I mentioned bacon (longpig has gotten me into weird honey/bacon habits) and Michelle offered to cook southern-fried bacon for my last pancake, then proceeded to chat about how she doesn't see why anybody would southern-fry bacon. Anyhow, I had it - with pancake and honey, and it was mũy tasty.

Plot stuff tomorrow. And possibly meod. And a new mic, or a way to make my Plantronics `Halo 2' headset work with my pc...
Tags: life
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