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Film Cat is Displeased


I'm serious, kitlings.

I'll admit, I only saw about the last 30-40 minutes of Saved, but the rough synopsis of that is:

Jealous girl frames good girl for trashing school
Friends sneak good girl into prom, get her boyfriend back, and expose jealous girl
Everything is resolved

There's a Christian story shoehorned into that, with the lead character pregnant from trying to "save" her gay friend (who turns up at the end, quel surprise). It sounds like the bit I missed was at least original, but the poor acting (Macaulay Culkin was okay, apart from the "guest star" factor) dissuades me from watching it. So, thus far the hardcore christianity angle is the only original part I'm seeing - but of course, to avoid offending anyone, they've dropped in a generous helping of tolerance at the end.

I don't think I've seen an original prom scene since Carrie. Even other horrors follow the Carrie formula. Cursed isn't even a teen comedy and it follows the Carrie formula. Everything else has the American Pie formula, whereby it's all resolved at the end.

Do yourself a favour - watch Battlestar Galactica, or House or something instead.

Film Cat out.
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