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5 Guilty Pleasures

I wonder the route this meme took - I first saw it doing the Dumbrella rounds, and now it's hit people I actually know, via gitofaber.

Damn you, missyfern for tagging me!

1) Tales of Symphonia. I've lost about 60 hours of my life to that game so far.
2) Tearing apart computers, and putting them back together, better. Okay, so that's not exactly a guilty pleasure, but I do enjoy it far too much...
3) J-Rock.
4) Chugworth Academy.
5) Playing Quake 4 when I should be modifying Quake 3 for my dissertation project.

Let's see how far we can spread the pain... I tag elanya for Canada, sparksoflight and jasontheknight to hit both the Cambridge and London scenes, and allseeingeye23 and stu_the_elder to get a foothold in the rest of the country...
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