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Stuff: The Rewatching

Had a pretty class night - I've been ill for a week or so, following the extreme foodening of Christmas (damn, there was some good food) and today was the first day I've been well enough to eat (gasp!) two meals, so for the second, I got some Chow Mein :) The first was a very tasty lasagne made by Fluffy. She and Lil had Emii, Meri and Jam over for a girls night in, spreading foods on their faces and feet, so John escaped up to my room and we watched stuff, with port and caffeine bombs!

I haven't seen Reboot since it was on tv in the uk, except for a little of series 2-3 that I thought was 3-4 at the time. So recently I've rewatched the first 9 episodes. It is awesome. The cult references, the puns, all the little touches, but also the tech jargon - whether correctly implemented or horribly misused fits together to make one hell of a cartoon. It moves a lot faster than I remember as a kid, but I never watched it all together before - when you watch weekly, you get the feeling of stuff happening between episodes that you lose when you watch them consecutively.

We also watched another episode of Excel Saga (fantastic - if you haven't seen it you should give it a try. It's so... well, it's bizarre. It breaks a few anime conventions, and over-implements others brilliantly) and some webcomic-animation spinoff podcasts that John downloaded to his video-ipod, which I'm grudgingly impressed with. The screen is nice :)

Then John suggested we watch Evil Dead, which I haven't actually seen before, and he said it's been ages since he watched - I've seen 2 and 3, which I love, but never got round to 1.

It's great.

Following that, we went through the extras, and I now fully intend to watch some of 'Jack Of All Trades' and 'Brisco County Jr.'. When I worked at HMV, a lot of people who had video collections wanted to keep buying video, because they thought they'd have to rebuy everything on DVD otherwise. One reason I used to suggest making the switch now was because of the extras you get with DVD, and often I was told "Oh, I never watch the extras".

These people are fools.

I fucking love DVD extras. They bring so much to a movie - whether it's the process behind the shifting in 'An American Werewolf in London', or the R2D2 and C3PO hyroglyphs carved into a pillar in 'Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc' or just some interview with some random cast or crew member, it gives you a feeling for why the film is the way it is.

Directors should be made to watch these. Producers too - then maybe we'd see a little more animatronics and prosthetics, a little less cgi. Don't get me wrong - I like cgi, but it's not foolproof yet. Some of the old techniques are fantastic - and it shows in the movies.

Anyways, on to Reboot ep 10!
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