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Rotten Circuits
November 28th, 2005
11:38 pm


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Magical shrinking house!
The dynamic of our house changes on a predictable line daily. Now how's that for a statement?

John, Michelle and Lil all leave before I get up, and generally all at different times. This makes the mornings a fairly quiet affair, segregated - it's like living in a regular flat, where you know the neighbours but you'd only go over to borrow something. It's all business, as I drag myself out of bed and onto the path to class. I don't generally leave my room until I have to leave, and I make my breakfast on the way out.

When I return, usually John has finished work, and I hang out with him downstairs, as if we're mates dropping 'round each other's houses. After a while Scott usually gets up and joins us, which adds to this feeling.

Around 5-7 ish Lil and Michelle get home, in one order or the other. By then, it feels like one house, in which we're all living - I'll happily dash upstairs and back to get something, and we'll wander between rooms occasionally.

It's as if my house gets shorter over the course of the day, too!

Current Music: Jesus Jones - Maryland

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