Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

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's pretty cold...

but you should know that by now!

Apparently, guild night was a lot of fun last night, which is true - there was a lot going on!

I caused havok by sending in John and Ben to hire the guild for a contract with no adventure - people just couldn't seem to get their heads around it, and then once we'd explained it they failed to pass it on to the other people dealing with it :) Any players reading - get used to it - it's going to happen a lot more often, as the guild doesn't just deal with one contract per week! I'll make an announcement OoC on thursday.

That guild house takes a lot of punishment! Holes in the walls, a tree through the roof, fire... of course previously we've had floods, gas, more fire...!

I'm happy anyway - I got pizza!
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