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Rotten Circuits
November 15th, 2005
01:11 pm


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Unwanted goodness
It's been ages since I did a proper update, so here's what's going on in my life at the moment, and since my last real update.

Basically the reason I haven't updated for ages is that I did what I was determined not to do - I got myself a girlfriend. This means that there's a big part of my life that I want to selfishly hold on to, not share with others - and at the same time, not impose on certain people. However, longpig's pretty awesome, for all the reasons I usually get fed up with relationships. It's just - good; we're really good friends first, into a lot of the same things, but specialising differently. We both have a lot to say that the other is interested in, without stepping on each others' toes, and we have a lot of respect for each other.

She is in Toronto, where she lives.

This, fairly predictably is driving us both crazy. We've been spending a lot of time on Google Talk, chatting, keeping up and watching 'House' (House rocks so hard!). It only helps a little that we're both fairly mature about it all - in the overall scheme of things, it's fairly likely that we can work out a way to move ourselves together (in a geographical sense).

Anyways, she's now net-less for 6 days, which doesn't seem too long yet, but that's only 'cause I'm up at the university being productive. Yesterday it was a matter of hours, and it seemed like - well, a very long time. Tomorrow I'll be crying on Lil's shoulder or something ;)

In theory, this is a perfect opportunity to do all the things that I enjoy with my friends, the things I need to be independent for. However, with longpig being in Canada anyway, that hasn't been a problem. In fact, even when she was here it wasn't a problem. She's one of my best friends anyway - basically this just means I can't keep in touch with one of the main people I really want to keep up with.

Anyway, I hope she's enjoying her new place :)

Current Music: Pixies - Monkey Gone To Heaven

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Date:November 15th, 2005 01:24 pm (UTC)
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Date:November 16th, 2005 04:16 am (UTC)

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