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Bored and concerned

Or rather, vice versa. I thought two of my friends were at Pete's, but apparently the game they were playing was cancelled. So I don't know where Hazel OR Scott are, and Scott was supposed to be here this evening, and Hazel's ill, and pushing herself too hard 'cause it's her last week here. Which I really don't blame her for - I'd do the same thing - but that doesn't stop me worrying.

Anyhow, as I'm worried, I now have to wait up until I find some sign that they're ok. I was going to start a new computer game (Still Life) but StarForce stops it working on x64 and I can't find a no-cd crack.

Or maybe I'll watch a movie. Or a cartoon. Aidyu! Aidyu! Aidyu!
Tags: life
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