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Film Cat

Howdy Kittlings, and welcome to another edition of Film Cat! Film Cat has two tasty pieces of brain candy for you all today, so go and see Assault On Precinct 13, and Creep. The Film Cat has tried them both, and found the former to be a refreshing and carefully constructed break to the hollywood formula, and the second a perfectly twisted and disturbing story, set in our very own tube network! Now doesn't that sound tempting?

For a background to today, recall that I finished work at 01:45 this morning. However, I agreed to get up early to preview two movies and when I got to work at 9.00 sharp, the cinema was bare. That's right - just one lonesome cleaner to grant me entrance.

As I prepared my preview, I went to get some tea, and found the manager's line a-ringing. Answering it, I found my one of my bosses' voices in the earpiece. Once he manages to recall who the only Ian in the cinema is, he says to me "I can't come in today, can you do my shift?"

Now, as most people who know me often right now know, I kind of need the money. However, from my boss, this seems pretty fucking cheeky. So I reluctantly agree, on the condition that I do the previews first, then do the rest of his shift, assuming he's supposed to be opening.

He was not. He was in fact on a 12-8, meaning I did an 11 hour shift today, because (according to my other boss) boss a and boss b are not getting on, and boss a keeps phoning in sick to avoid boss b. Boss b (sorry about this) has in fact developed a heart condition from having to deal with boss a, but still turns up at work today, one day before his holidays start. I'm beginning to think boss a may, in fact be an arsehole.

Anyway, a load of shit went wrong at work today, and I and a couple of others had to deal with it. No breaks until nearly the ends of our shifts, when boss b started work, and now clever me has agreed to do one of my colleague's shifts tomorrow, in the knowledge that my boss will probably not turn up and I will have to do the entire shift solo.

End rant. That is all.

[Disclaimer: Film Cat is blatantly ripped off from the Game Cat in Jeff Noon's Vurt and as such is not my property in any way. Buy Vurt and Pollen - they're fuckin' A.]
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