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Rotten Circuits
January 27th, 2005
02:06 am


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Urban Identity
I love the city at night.

It's so peaceful, and beautiful. The dirt is hidden by darkness, and the streets and windows hidden by light. The muggings and rapes and other crimes seem so unreal as I walk through the empty streets, unconcerned and unaffected. Everything I see belongs to me, because everyone else is too busy to claim it.

It's funny how even in the small hours, everyone else seems to be in a hurry. Like they have somewhere inportant to be. I guess the urgent meeting is with a duvet to discuss cosiness, but it all seems so futile to me. Why do you need to get enough sleep, so that you can make money which you fail to spend on anything you have time to appreciate?

When you ask them, almost all of these people will tell you they want to live in the country, where it's more relaxed, and you have time to do what you like. I guess I've got everything I like here, and living in the country would mean I had to spend longer getting to it.

It helps that I live with some of my best friends, but that's certainly not all there is to it.

Lost my train of thought. Oh well.

Good night all.

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Current Music: The Young Crazed Peeling - The Distillers

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