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Rotten Circuits
September 30th, 2005
02:50 am


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... we meet again.

Anyhow, after I gave up waiting for music I liked (although to be fair there was more for me than for some I know) Plan 9 was pretty cool - had a good laugh with a couple of my friends. Was on a caffiene high until about 20 seconds after I left the building, which was probably voulentary to stave off boredom - you know how you can stay drunk just by being in the right frame of mind? Same thing.

Had some really good conversations with friends afterwards as well, walking in the night. Got soaked to the skin - that really class rain that just feels - wet. Well, a bit cold too.

I'm dry now, and trying to get some sleep before tomorrow. It's funny - I need less sleep here, too. And I don't sleep as well, either.

G'nite all.

Current Mood: Damp
Current Music: Prisoner Of Today - Billy Talent (in my head...)

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