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Clearing my head

Ok, so I missed the only thing I was planning to do yesterday, because I was trashing my brain with games.

I got some bad news, so in order to not think about it, I just played Killer 7 for about 8 hours. I realised I'd missed what I wanted to do, so I went out in the evening and saw the person/people involved (congratulations, longpig - I'll tell you what I think when I've seen it!) and had a really cool night, but the bad news has been eating at me more than a bit, even today.

And really, I just want to get it off my chest, LJ it so that I don't have to tell any specific person, let people know why I'm a little preoccupied so that they don't worry. But it's not my news - it's to do with a family member, and I'm not going to post it on the internet.

Anyways, I hope you all had a good weekend.
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