Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

I was going to post about how there's never anyone online on a Sunday night, but that's bullshit. Hazel's online, Michael's online, Scott's online - hell, Warren's probably online - he'd deflate without the internet.

Besides, I got more to think about. Who I'm looking forward to spending time with again, who I'm going to miss. Who I'm going to regret having to see, although despite several likely candidates, I can't find anyone concrete. Who I'll worry about again, and who it's not my business to anymore. Who I get to talk rubbish with, and who I get to talk timeless, meaningful philosophy that billions of other people have already considered, yet it feels like you've just discovered something new.

Who I'll still feel like a fool in front of, and who I'll no longer feel superior or inferior to.

Who I reckon ought to see 'Garden State', and who it won't mean anything to.

Who I've let go, not fought for, not gone for in my life, and how that still seems to be the right path at the moment, despite feeling so wrong.

Who my mind says should be there, but won't be.

Oh, I nearly forgot - from Mr. Ellis: http://www.siouxcityjournal.com/articles/2005/09/15/news/latest_news/9fabee0fa34800c58625707d000fd523.txt
We used to have those lights in the gym - according to the deputy head, if the first (of 3) layer of the shell cracked, they'd have to evaccuate Buckingham (the town, not palace).

The OED Word Of The Day is 'Bumbershoot'. Which means umbrella.
Tags: chaff, life
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