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I'm trying to thing of something meaningful I did this week...


I have spent the day happily playing through an interesting and enjoyable rpg, and now my friends are home and playing mario kart - double dash. I'm online with a beer, whistling the the loser theme, and I'm contented.

Heh. Now Russel's taking the piss out of the gamecube just to get a rise out of me, and it's working :)

Right. Important stuff.

Londoners and those with access to London:
YOU WILL ALL GO TO B-MOVIE NEXT FRIDAY (09/09/2005). It's at the Water Rats (Kings Cross), 6 days before I leave London - the last night I'm going out on while I live here - and, y'know, I"m gonna miss y'all. And stuff. Coincidentally, it's B-Movie's birthday, and a Return of the Living Dead theme. So, y'know - it's gonna be a great night anyhow.

11 days.
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