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So I guess I've been as good as offline for the best part of a week. Time to let people know what I've been up to.

For starters, my stuff is now all in Milton Keynes. ALL OF IT. I've got some papers to sort and some transport related equipment (a bike and skateboard) but aside from that I'm living out of a day bag and a clothes bag. Doesn't seem like much. I'm going crazy already from not having my computer, although Simon's been kind enough to give me a user account on his iBook Swan, which is a pretty classy machine for it's time. Simon and Kitty are both very good friends.

I guess I should start lj-cutting this...

The reason I don't have my computer is that in about 2 weeks I shall be homeless. Well, not actually - my official address shall be at Mum's house, but as far as London is concerned, I shall join the masses of the residence-challenged. Lucky for me I have some awesome friends who have offered me sofas for the month overlap between not having a home and moving in to my new room in Aberystwyth, which is Rose's old room. I guess that's a bit odd - I wonder if it will affect me to move in to the room where I broke up with the last person I loved.

It's pretty odd how humans function. I seem to be at my most productive when I'm not in a relationship, but am happy and being paid. I've been avoiding relationships (and 'having relations') since I split up with Rose, for the same reason as I made that choice - my life is a hell of a lot easier at the moment without them. I have to occupy my time with the money earning, and I have things I want to do for myself in my free time, the things I love, the geeky things like coding, gaming and watching random cartoons. And as much as the idea is to find someone to share the things you love with - it might be aiming a little high to find a computer/gamer geek cute petite brunette/redhead single chick.

With nowhere to tie me down, and no internets, my gaming has skyrocketed as I spend a lot of my time at the house of people who, like me, love the multiplayer side of Nintendo. However, as I'm quitting my shop job and moving my projectionist job into the free slot on Sundays, I will have even more free time. The whole thing wouldn't have been an issue, except something a friend said about her relationship, which boils down to "Why don't you find a girlfriend for the summer" with the idea that then, in exchange for the usual niceness I provide in a relationship (mostly general thoughtfulness, plus tea and massage) I would have a place to crash. That seems really sleazy to me, but I'm not sure why.

Of course, the fact that I don't know anyone in London I'd want to go out with puts that idea safely away - until tonight, when Kitty's telling me about a "small, hot, very nice, recently single brunette friend" of hers. Every time I manage to make relationships not an issue, something pulls them back in. Guess I'll see if it goes anywhere. If not, no loss.

If I seem to be fixating a little on looks here, I apologise, but they are a big factor in what I find attractive. I'm really fussy for someone who grew up with very low self-esteem - it's why relationships aren't that important to me, as growing up I thought I'd never find someone who I actually fancied who liked me back. But my fussiness extends pretty far - it even stops me from fancying anyone who's attached, which many men seem to have a problem with. Not me - if you've got a boyfriend, girlfriend, or even an occasional shag who might get upset, my brain marks you as off-limits, and therefore not sexy.

Anyway, enough of that.

I think I may have been going to write more, Douglas Coupland-style, but I forget what.

Spent most of the night so far trading blows in Capcom vs. SNK with Simon. I forgot how he was good at beat-em-ups - he mostly likes silly games now, like Mario Kart or Monkey Golf. It was very enjoyable and, as always, I love those SNK Playmore characters.

Good night all.
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