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Part two pretty much begins with arriving at slimelight.

As I followed my directions, which I was assured were now correct, I began to realise that I had in fact been to the place I was approaching before. Which was odd, as I wasn't aware of having been to Slimes previously. As it turns out, the first place I saw DeathBoy play, with 'Sons Of Thunder' was in fact Slimelight, I just never knew. Go figure. Of course, I was drinking copious amounts of red coke for that gig. I can't actually find a link for red coke, so the simple recipe is below:

Pint glass
+1 can Red Bull
Top up with coke

Told you it was simple, didn't I? Anyhow...

I arrived not long after 11, and was not expecting the band until one. Said hi to someone I'd met earlier, who had decided to continue their night at Slimelight by choice [why?!]. I had my pad with me, so I thought I'd find a chair and get some drawing in - real easy in the blacklights. I was, however, ambushed by a 17-year old shiny ball of drunkeness who told me her name was 'Grooby' (spelling not necessarily correct) and that she had a horse. Shiny because she was wearing some white lace dress thing that was painful to look at under UV. She then appeared to adopt me as her babysitter for the evening, and was very disappointed when I wouldn't buy or accept any drinks.

See, this is why I avoid places like Slimelight.

Went to wait for Rico in the top room at 1 am, and ran into some more people. Then spent an hour attempting to chat to people over the music and watching the pretty art-film visuals on the screens, while the band fixed their computer. Shortly after two, the drone of 'Recommended Dose' began to fill the room, and Rico and co. made their way onto the stage.

It was obviously a good night for todays industrial bands, because they too played an excellent set. Rico himself was animated and passionate, and the band all appeared to be just enjoying doing what they do best. About half of the tracks they played were new to me, but the set was carefully tailored to build as it ran, with 'Freefall' and 'Big Black Sea' followed by another track I didn't know called 'Attack Me' which is one of the heaviest, and also liveliest, tracks I've heard them play, and was a perfect finish to the set.

After saying goodbye to people, and quickly checking to make sure 'daddy breeds horses' (who comes to London to go to Slimelight, by the way - oh how I chuckled) hadn't poisoned herself with fermentation-based products, I headed out to Angel high street, and hopped on a bus headed for London Bridge.

To summarise: My night was in fact continuing to go really well.

Part three to follow once I've eaten and actually made some progress packing my room up.
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