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One thouroughly enjoyable night out

So, that was fun.

I went to a gig at Underworld. The place is a pretty good venue, although drinks were extortionate. Good thing I wasn't drinking!

HFM were a bit crap to be honest - they would have been ok, except that their drummer really didn't seem to have a clue. He was particulatly fond of a tiny hi-hat on one of the toms, that he would hit at inappropriate moments in poignant breaks. We also speculated that if the vocalist toned it down a little and actually sang (I have nothing against screamy bands - on the contrary. This is merely an observation.) he would probably sound like the guy from InMe. Not sure if that'd be good or bad. They changed their name to Summa half way through the set, but it didn't improve the drumming.

I think a lot of you know that by now I'm mentally incapable of not enjoying a DeathBoy set. I know the songs too well, and am fond of the band members. That said - they were really on form. The sound was good (from the audience - apparently it was crap on stage), the set list was class, as they played some classics, one I hadn't heard, and also Black Mornings, which is just awesome. The set didn't really suffer from losing some of their staples either (they had to cut it down to fit into the available time slot). sparksoflight, zombiebrick and myself went absolutely mental, and jasontheknight broke his phone on stage. How very rock 'n' roll.

I would have thought Killing Miranda were pants, and maybe left early, had it not been pointed out to me that they were completely and wholly ripping the piss. As such, they were very entertaining. A two-second skank earned me a bird from the lead singer, and I stayed for the rest of their set.

Throughout the night I met up with and met some thoroughly nice people, and found out that Rico was due to be playing at Slimelight, so after obtaining some very dodgy directions, then having them amended so as to be accurate (Highbury & Islington is not Angel) I headed out to slimes.

Thus ends part one of three of my night. I shall fill in the rest later.
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