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My sentiments exactly


On a slightly different note - I'm not a conspiracy theorist and I don't really buy into what follows, but running through my head as I listened to the radio yesterday morning was "who benefits from this?"

The major reaction to this will be support for the war on terror. No two ways about it. And rightly so - after all, we can't have people thinking they can get away with exploding London.

So that'd be support for Blair and Bush then.

Add to that possible evidence (albeit sensationalised) gathered by Michael Moore and others that Al Qaeda may have been effectively created by Bush.

Of course, the theory is that they're all headcases, and so they blow stuff up to make their points. And that's fine and entirely believable. But if we assume for a second that they might be or have been reasonable people, what do they achieve by killing Londoners? More western soldiers determined to take all they have away from them? That's not much motive...

Of course, it's not necessarily a government conspiracy - could easily have been people even from the UK who want to get a war moving, who want all the refugees and immigrants out of our country. And I was somewhat encouraged by the way Livingston declared that we would keep giving aid to those who flee their countries.

Other theories aired by people last night included it being the work of the G8 anarchists, who threatened "something spectacular" over the next 48 hours at the weekend.

Of course, keeping an open mind, it could of course have been psychotic extremist arabic terrorists.
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