March 27th, 2011

ZP goblin glee

Belatedly Announcing Howell Davis Hatch,

Not Of Woman Born 24th March 2011 at 3.17am (the labour started at 2am on the 23rd.)

Mother and Baby are both healthy, although of course longpig is still recovering from the surgery.

At 3.435 kg and just under 21in, he is taller and maler than we expected. Reflux folklore wins this round - he has a full head of wavey brown hair. His eyes are dark blue, and he actually looks quite a bit like me in my baby photos! Photos and, if I'm unlucky, video to come soon via Hazel.

Apologies that I wasn't able to post this at the time, because the hospital free computers lock down facebook and livejournal among others.

Hazel's making fantastic progress, already pushing herself way too hard when she should be taking it easy. Most of the time her painkillers work well.

Howell is well on track for all his eating, pooping and peeing. We've had a few problems with the feeding, but it seems to be sorted now.
Gurney Halleck Badass

What's in a name?

I wanted to write a little bit about our choice of name, because it's a decision we had to make at the last minute with no concrete basis. The two main names we considered were, along with two others that we didn't seriously consider at the end, "what if she's actually a boy" names. While both were strong contenders, the name we chose was the one that meant the most to us together.

Howell Davis, the baby's namesake, is one of elanya's favourite pirates, and she's somewhat of an authority on the matter. Hazel loves Wales, and I have several connections to the country.
It's also where we met, and we lived there together for two years. Davis is my 'bachelor name' (I took Hazel's name when we got married) and I jumped at the chance to put it into my child's name in a coherent way.
Feyd Rautha Cheeky Bastard


Hazel related one excellent dream to me that she had in the hospital:

"Lil and Michelle came to visit, and while they were looking at the baby Lil smeared milk chocolate on his forehead. When I asked why there was chocolate on his head, she told me that he had been baptized as a Goblin!

Later, somebody bought us a Boston Terrier puppy O_o"

Lil, next time we see you, this is going down.