July 1st, 2010

bear eat you

Cribbed in full from rumor_esq (http://rumor-esq.livejournal.com/318725.html)

It's on facebook, although it should be on the cover of every magazine in the country. Pictures of the temporary detention centre / concentration camp. You think I'm being hyperbolic, don't you?

We head towards them to leave; they say 'Get Back', no problem. We turn to leave the other way, more riot cops "Get Back". Okay, We ask if we can please leave - no response. They haven't said anything. There are journalists in here, a couple comes out of The Keg and tries to leave, they are told, "It's too late." Too late for what they ask, and are told nothing. We ask again... if we can please leave and are told, "You should have left when we told you." Wait, what? When?

...A few First Nations people around us say, "Well, this is familiar. Welcome to our club everyone."

... I pass rows of the cages with people bleeding, crying slumped on the concrete floor. Huddled, asking to call family, asking for water, asking what the charge is, wanting to know their rights. All the officers were ignoring them and laughing. Laughing at people. I have never seen anything like this.

... I had to beg for water. BEG FOR WATER. For 9 hours. I hated being made to feel grateful for this tiny sip of water. Many gulped their cup down, some took it slow. "So shut-up now." said the officer. Well, guess who was starting to get hungry after 8 hours in custody?

... We make a pact that none of us will shit. I find out from Kate that the girls had to make a human wall when using the bathroom and help wipe each other. They also had to beg for toilet paper. Apparently they didn't think girls needed much for the bathroom. So women asked for tampons or pads, the male guards laughed and said, "that explains your attitudes."
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Generally Awful Update

There's one piece of good news since last time - after all that, Sierra stayed quiet. Silly dog.

Other than that, I'm a ball of tired, angry and sad right now:
  • My Stepdad had/is having surgery for a metastasized tumor in his lung last Friday, and I haven't heard any news about how it went yet.

  • One of my best friends from the UK has just had a serious accident during brain surgery, leaving her (hopefully temporarily) without language or motor control.

  • There's strong indication that riots in Toronto during the G20 were, if not engineered, at least allowed and leveraged to justify exorbitant security budgets. Regardless of that, police response to the riots was bizarre, disproportionate, almost certainly illegal and utterly useless at preventing crime.

  • Overtime at work, I'm posting this at nearly 2am. Whee!
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Some Good News

My Mum saw my last post reposted on Facebook, and both she and my Sister responded to update me on my Stepdad's condition. I feel pretty bad that I wasn't able find time to call to keep up to date, but I'm really glad to know that the surgery went well in general, barring some minor complications which may be temporary.