September 19th, 2007

bear eat you

"Here mate, cheap DVDs?"

Arr, it be inter-national talk ye like a pirate day once more, and coincidentally, we be taking shipment o' High Seas Cthulu this fine morn. A singular book it be, as happen it contain a tale most terrifying, the fine "Ice" as penned by the great scholar elanya - a finer authority on the doin's of us free sea-folk there never has been.

I can't wait to read it!

In other news, we've started to roll out the wedding plans. There's one of longpig's family left to contact, we think - other than that, if you haven't got an email from us, you aren't on the primary list, we're afraid. However, we have an extensive 'b' list, of friends and family we'll be able to invite once we have some firm replies.

We had a little drama early on, with one of Hazel's relatives 'assuming' that her daughter was also invited. Fortunately, once the rage subsided, Hazel came up with a suitable solution and put things right.

Home life is good at the moment - Hazel's a bit bored during the days, as everyone who's still here works during the day, but she'll be just as busy next week as she is bored now, registering for university and getting set up. Our evenings have been lovely - last night she cooked the rabbit we bought from the market at the weekend, with garlic and honey, and we ate it - it was delicious.

Then we watched some films with John and Gems - over to Collapse ).