August 14th, 2007

bear eat you

Event summary

Well, the event was excellent, as always. I'm not sure I'd go with "best event ever", but there was certainly less OOC drama, and plenty of the top-notch roleplaying we've come to expect from the current Aberddu crowd. humourcide wrote an excellent, tricksy plot, and the props prepared by him, Elly and Chris, and space_gargoyle, purplefog, Gems, Rid and John P really made the event stand out.

Actually, I guess it probably was the best event we've done - it just wasn't the most marked improvement!

I'm planning to turn the footage I took into a montage for the event - in the mean time, here are some photos.
bear eat you

Post-event life

Good things this morning:
- Still ahead on work
- Caught up on laundry
- Set up grill
- Put away some boxes
- Speakers handle stereo fine
- Got pro in WiiSports boxing
- WiiSports age is 29
- Wii interface update is an improvement
- Visiting folks last night helped me tidy plates and rubbish, so flat is still nice
- Friendly Mormons still fail to convince me of truthfulness of religion
- Internet and phone are now go, and I can browse the internet on my Wii, DS and PSP!

Bad things this morning:
- Still need to put away boxes
- Still haven't bought any breakfast (and am substituting carrots so far this week)
- Replacement RAM sent to Jagex - will need to wait for it to be sent on to me before I can use my PC