July 1st, 2007

bear eat you

Bit of a nap...

I just slept six hours during the day - that's what I get for not sleeping overnight.

I didn't manage to stay in London today to do my shopping - I was too tired at 5am, and couldn't be arsed to wander around London on Sunday morning for 5 hours to wait to go shopping. There's a kitchen-type shop here in Cambridge, I'll have a look for my kitchen stuff there, and I'm sure I can nip down to Camden and Gosh one weekend. No harm done if not - it's not important stuff I wanted from them.
bear eat you

Sleep is for the foolish humans that we are

Now, due to my body clock being all out of whack, my mind won't shut down properly, so I just get the sleep paralysis.

It happens to me periodically when I get too much sleep (although I'm actually quite tired, it's just that I slept too recently) and it's really annoying.

EDIT: Posting on the internet seems to have had the desired effect of interrupting whatever my brain thought it was doing. I still had an active night, but at least I was actually asleep.