April 12th, 2007

bear eat you

Interesting meme

Well, one of the first one for ages that I've found interesting.

Meme! Comment and I will give you 3 interests on your list for you to explain about.

These topics were given to me by curtana:

Guild Wars: Well, this admirably demonstrates how long it's been since I updated my interests... Guild Wars is an MMORPG with a unique pricing structure. There is not subscription charge to play the game - instead, the game itself, and expansions for it ("chapters") are sold at a reasonable price. Buying Guild Wars buys you the right to continue playing it for the rest of time at no extra charge, but to access new areas, races, classes etc. in new chapters, you have to buy the chapter. Like most MMORPGs, my interest in the game faded fairly quickly, although as there is no account to cancel, I'm considerably more likely to play it again than, for example, World of Warcraft.

Jhonen Vasquez: Primarily a comic book artist, Jhonen is the mind behind the Nickelodeon cartoon show "Invader Zim". He is also responsible for the books "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" and "Squee", as well as "I Feel Sick", a great two-part short story. Jhonen often works closely with Roman Dirge, the creator of "Lenore".

Naughty Gun-Toting Hazel: It's funny, I don't remember adding this interest, but I do remember signing into livejournal on several people's computers who could be likely candidates... however, it's true, and my interest is pretty easily explained...
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