March 28th, 2007

bear eat you

My new place

With a good chunk of my possessions sitting in the living room of my new place, and the rest in various states of disarray, I'm well on my way to my new house in Kings Hedges (Chavtown, Cambridge). I'm actually expecting it to be quieter than the sleepy little village of Impington - at least there won't be a family constantly screaming downstairs - the worst you could expect will be noisy neighbours in other houses.

The room is bigger than my old one, which means more storage space, bigger bed, more floor - and a bigger screen, as my projector will be further from the closest wall. The new house also has gas hobs (I hate electric hobs so hard!), a living room which will basically never be used, and a power shower, although I don't know how good it is yet (I always compare them to my Mum's, or my Uncle's - the kind that can actually sort our knots in your shoulders :V).

It's also almost on top of my office, and closer to the gym, and everybody else's houses. And it may have a garden, but I didn't check.
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