March 23rd, 2007

bear eat you

Fairly general update

Some stuff that has happened:

fuskyb and I did some work on our game the other day - we're about half-way through writing a script to turn our blender meshes into a proprietary static mesh format. This game is probably going to be slow progress (the design, in my head and on some notepad filed away somewhere, is pretty extensive), although it'll gain some momentum as we get a framework in place. At this rate, we'll be working on it long-distance when Hazel and I move in together! I pretty much expected that when we started it, though. I reckon we should definitely get some form of version control by then! Should be easy - I'll have room in my new house for a server or two, and with a dynamic dns reference, we can use that as a "remote" repository (not so remote for me!)

I might even be able to set up the media server I've been meaning to for years.

I'm a little disappointed with Google - for the first time, I've seen an integration problem with their software. The personalised homepage refreshes periodically, losing the state of the google talk gadget, which is a bit annoying mid-conversation. I've got around this by loading the GT gadget in a separate page, for now.

Also, the mobile flist highlights just how many posts on my friends list have no subject (as it displays "no subject", which I hadn't noticed before.

unimag amuses me.

IBS update: Either eating cleverly or controlling my breathing better seems to be having a good effect, and this bout is quietening down. Hopefully it's not just gearing down for the weekend, ready to rev up next week. The tension in my shoulders is now more painful than my gut, which is common at the end of an attack.

What else? Probably nothing. Time for a shower, and porridge (my once and current breakfast staple).
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