March 13th, 2007

bear eat you

Gut reaction update

To coincide nicely with the fact that I decided last night to see a doctor today if my gut didn't improve, my gut has improved. This probably has a lot to do with Hazel and I clarifying some things between us that were hurting our long-distance relationship at the moment, and finding some new things to do together over the phone (we're reading each other books, which is great fun). IBS is often stress-triggered, and it's no secret that I worry pretty hard when I think I'm making Hazel miserable. Suggestions of other fun telephone/webcam things to do on a regular basis are welcome - while books are considerably more varied than battlestar every week, I don't want to get stuck in a rut again.

Nevertheless, if the pain gets worse during the day, I'm going to call my doc, and get seen.

Despite feeling somewhat better, I'm not actually less tired yet. Oh well - it'll come, in time :/

EDIT: Scratch that, I'm staying home and I've made a doctor's appointment.
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bear eat you


I just finished watching the first episode of a series recommended to me by fuskyb called "Dexter". Collapse )

I'm now somewhere in between the kind of introspective, thoughtful mood I get from watching a really well put together movie about very little, like Lawn Dogs, and some other, contented mood. Which was not what I expected from the description of the series.

Also helping my contented mood is that I had a great night talking to Hazel yesterday (after aforementioned straightening out of things), which makes May seem so much closer and more reachable than before. On top of that, there's another weight off my shoulders from having arranged more analysis of my may-or-may-not-be IBS thing, and my Boss' support in getting it seen to, as well.

Speaking of which, that whole thing has been fluctuating wildly today. Felt almost ok when I woke up, bad enough before I left the house that I changed my mind about it, swinging back and forth at work... I had a very intense bout starting just before I ate my dinner, and now it's just on the edges of my lung capacity (the pain is a tenderness, and breathing puts pressure on it).

I think I'm going to go to bed now, while I'm relaxed.