March 11th, 2007

bear eat you

How the hell am I supposed to get less tired?!

Sleeping longer doesn't happen. Sleeping the right amount just makes me tired, because my gut pain stops me from getting good sleep. When I'm feeling charitable I imagine that all of the sleep-goodness is going towards sorting my gut, but I tend to favour the more cynical scenario that the pain stops me sleeping well.

At least my shoulder has stopped hurting.

I'm at work - I was working, but then I got distracted by a muscle in the bridge of my nose twitching. I mean, come on. How tired do I need to be before I can get some sleep?!

Anyway, on a more positive note, I made half of a Wii sensor bar, and you should too. Well, to within certain definitions of "you". I'll make the other half, and put a full update about that up tonight.

EDIT: For "sleep-goodness" read something less ridiculous that I might type if I were less tired.
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bear eat you

Wii update

I promised a more complete update.

Basically, the Wii sensor bar is not. A sensor bar, that is. It's two sets of five infra-red LEDs powered from the Wii via that tiny cable, and picked up by a camera in the remote. After that, it works pretty much how you'd expect.

This means that if you can create two IR sources and place them in the appropriate place near your screen, you can use the Wii without having the sensor bar connected. This is good if, for example, you have a projector - it is very tricky to both connect the Wii to the projector, and position the sensor bar near the screen.

I don't know why Nintendo didn't include a battery pack with the IR bar, but they didn't.

My experimenting this evening produced one reliable emitter, which was unfortunately burning out the LEDs, and one unreliable emitter which was not. I think with the right resistors, it'd work just fine, but I need to sleep now - I will try to offset the fact that my sleep will be bad by getting lots of it (for me).

Wow, a whole post without sounding paranoid or cranky despite being ill. It's all an act, I assure you.
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