March 9th, 2007

bear eat you

No sleep is bad for humans

Man, sleep is a ridiculous way to reset the body, but I've mentioned that before.
Anyways, I managed to snag 3 1/2 hours last night, which is insufficient, so in an uncharacteristically sensible move I'm going to skip film night tonight, and get a full night's sleep in so that I'm properly rested before I hit the gym tomorrow.

I fixed the drunken lj tag in my last entry - going out drinking before a game probably wasn't the best of plans. The game went well, and I had fun - I apologise to the other players if I was less lucid than I think I was :/

In better news, Battlestar finally arrived :V My internet's being really unreliable at the moment - sometimes ports will be blocked until I reset the connection, and in general all incoming torrent connections are dropped by my ISP, so I'm running on only the outgoing connections. Actual number and speed of torrents seems to vary from week to week. Some days the entire connection just chugs - loading any page with media crawls.

I think I'll set my Wii up with my projector when I get home :V