February 3rd, 2007

bear eat you


Heh. Bees.

I'n other news, I'm having a bit of a mixed week. Last weekend I went into London, and spent loads of time hanging out with Chris and John, and less time (but still had great fun) with Arthur, Merri and Karl. John came back with me to Cambridge on Sunday, and I introduced him to Bleach and Avatar, and now his laptop hard drive's full. He says it's going to really piss Michelle and Sandra off when the ones he has so far run out...

Work's been ace - I finally got my design approved at the end of last week, so I'm coding again. On top of that, I had my feedback from my review, and my action plan sounds completely achievable. If I want to keep doing as well as I am, I have to keep looking for ways to excel, 'though, which is going to get harder as expectations rise.

Anyway, another awesome thing is that longpig and I have made our Valentines Day plans. I've refused to celebrate VD [snigger] in the past, for political reasons, but as we only see each other once a week, a reason to be a bit romantic will be great.

Also, my gym membership kicked in on Thursday - I have to go in and set things up there.

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Anyway, I'm gonna get on with today. Hope you all are doing great, and are healthier than me!