January 7th, 2007

bear eat you

I return!

But you're not getting a full holiday update yet - I've been far too busy this weekend lazing around, doing chores (some of which are over a year due - no, not my laundry :P) and relaxing with movies and games.

I felt really crappy to be back in Cambridge - work's fine, but this town kind of sucks. Everything here is half-arsed and mediocre, or exceptionally variable. I like most of the people I've met here, but I don't really have the drive to integrate myself into yet another community - I barely have the energy to force myself to go visit the good friends I already have, when I have the opportunity.

So to come back here from my holiday was a huge downer, for more reasons which are probably obvious and fit in with the holiday update better. Now I've gotten things straight and I've had a bit of a rest, 'though, I'm calmer, and I'm looking forward to longpig visiting in May - an unexpected, but extremely welcome surprise.

A little pimping for some very nice lads down in London - for a limited time only, DeathBoy are selling their new album, End Of An Error for half price - only £5, or £2.50 in MP3 format. They're also releasing one full-quality, full-length streaming MP3 a day for people to preview the album with: all details here.

I'm gonna turn in early - maybe I'll tidy this room in the morning, so I have somewhere to put (a) my presents and (b) whitepaw when he stays over.
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